Programs in Development:

Broad-based pipeline of unique acute care pharmacologic programs


Critical care indications for use


Stephen J. Petti, CEO
Laurence M. Katz, MD, CSO/CMO
Ron Tribble, DMD, Sr Bus Advisor
Melisa Barron, PhD., CMC
Kathryn Martin, Pharm D, VP Clin Ops
Samn Raffaniello, VP, Admin Systems

Hibernaid is a privately held company developing unique drugs for important acute medical indications in high-risk critical care patient populations.

The Company's lead development compound is HBN-1, a unique intravenous combination drug that pharmaceutically induces clinically-relevant regulated hypothermia or temperature management (deliberate reduction of core body temperature) to prevent neurological, functional and organ damage and significantly increase the probability of survival in a broad range of acute care medical conditions.

HBN-1 is initially being developed for use in resuscitated post-cardiac arrest patients but the technology will also be developed for the treatment of stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and other acute critical care indications.

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